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The beginning of children ensemble Májíček (The Little Maypole) dates back to 1981. The initial impulse was the lack of singers and dancers in adult ensemble Májek (The Maypole), not mention a lack of musicians.

Originally a group of ten children from 12 to 16 later extended into a relatively numerous ensemble, which today associates children from 4 to 16.

Children from Májíček regularly perform for home audiences (International Folklore Festival in Brno, IFF Strážnice, regional competitions, children programmes in Brno, Jundrov Apple etc.) and also abroad (Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Holland and Poland).

At present Májíček consists of three groups of children and its own dulcimer band. Several times a year they have got concentration training outside their hometown where they intensively work on a new programme from the regions of Moravian Wallachia and Luhačovické Zálesí. Thus the members of the ensemble will master basic style routine which they can later apply among their older friends in Májek.

The ensemble is a member of:

- Folklore Association of the Czech Republic FOS ČR
- Friends of Folklore Association in Brno SPFvB

Contact of the ensemble:

Chairman / Milan Zelinka / GSM +420 603 420 017
Address / Children Folklore ensemble Májíček
  / Charbulova 3, 618 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Phone / fax / +420 548 535 765
E-mail / majicek.brno (at) centrum.cz

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